The Importance Of Exercise and Setting an Example

Most of know the importance of exercise. We’re told if we want to manage our weight we should eat healthy and exercise for 30 minutes a day. And of course this has a wide range of benefits. It helps keep your heart healthy, it helps maintain healthy skin and it promotes better sleeps to name a few.

We also know that exercising regularly can help improve your mood. This is because exercising releases chemicals into your brain. Ever heard of runners high? That’s basically the good feeling your brain gets when your exercising. If you’re constantly tired and moody exercising can be one of the best ways to cure that as well.

A little known benefit of exercise is that it actually helps your sex drive. Aside from feeling sexy, you’ll have more energy and more confidence which leads to more frequent and often better performance. All of these are big positives.

Since we know benefits of exercising why don’t we do it more often? Why don’t we set a good example for our kids. The simple reason is because it can be difficult. Initially starting to exercise can take a toll on your body. If you’re heavily into fitness and you take three or four weeks off because life got busy or you were on vacation you know what I’m talking about. The first few trips to the gym don’t exactly leave you feeling like superman. Your muscle ache, sometimes so much so that they prevent you from falling asleep. This is a sign that you need to exercise more and not less. Once you get into a routine you’ll notice those types of aches and pains go away and instead of leaving the gym feeling drained you can leave the gym feeling like a million bucks.

Exercising regularly sends a message to your kids, that you know it can be difficult to get off the couch but ultimately it’s worth it. After all, if you don’t exercise regularly how can you expect your kids to want to?

Here are some tips for getting more activeExercise

First off, start with something you enjoy. If you hate running on the treadmill find an activity that you don’t hate. Nothing is a bigger barrier then not only having to pull yourself from the TV but also having to pull yourself from the TV to do something you despise. Try new things. For example up until a year ago I had never put a pair of boxing gloves on. After taking a class with my partner we both realized we loved it! Buy a pair of boxing gloves and pads to use at home!


If the biggest detriment to exercising is commuting to the gym or the field get yourself a good set of home workout equipment. Not having to leave your house can be a huge plus for many people.


The key to exercising regularly is to find something you love or at least like to do. If you don’t you’ve already failed before you start.

Teaching Your Child To Fish

Educating your child is one of the most important jobs you as a parent or educator have. Without your guidance, children are unable to grow into the well-rounded and contributing members of society that we expect.

Learning school tasks are one thing, but what about after school? What are they learning in the summer? What about on weekend or vacations?

Sure, it can be enough for children simply to be children and play and explore and have fun, but sometimes there are things worth teaching that will help now and later in life.


Fishing is an age-old activity that brings sustenance to countless people around the globe. To many of us in North America, however, it has become something more – a hobby.

There are good things to say both about it’s history as a nourisher and life-bringer, as well as it’s status as a hobby.
To teach a child to fish is to nurture patience, his respect for nature, and introspection.

Start with the basics

Teach your child about the history of fishing on a broad level. Explain how while we get to enjoy it as a hobby, for many people up until very recently (and even persisting today in many second and third world countries, it was a way of life and sometimes the only way to feed a family. If you had nothing, but you knew how to catch fish, you would be eating.

Respecting fishing as an activity with such an important history will help your child understand it and helps you provide good life lessons and things to think about.

After that, go over the types of fishing equipment that is needed. Again, remember that this is about the basics. There is no need to overwhelm your child with all sorts of technological advancements in fishing equipment – for example, he certainly won’t need to know how to use a SONAR device like a fish finder anytime soon!

After these things are covered, you can begin working with your child to actually cast and catch fish. This is a very worthwhile experience in itself, because the time you spend together will influence your child throughout his life. Small moments like this where you teach him or her the ways of life can be monumental pieces of your child’s growth as a person.

Fishing as a Hobby

Now that you have taught the basics and the history of fishing, it is a good idea to promote good habits when it comes to fishing as a hobby.

Not only can you help your child enjoy the outdoors and do some helpful activities, but you can aid him in his discovery of himself. As mentioned above, patience, respect for nature, and introspection can be groomed as a fisherman.

Fishing, while you need to be attentive, does not require your full attention at every possible moment. Many times you will be waiting for a bite with nothing to do except keep a hold of your rod and be still. What a perfect time to think things over and reflect!

A calm, peaceful, quiet place to think can do wonders for a person’s mental well-being, and if you make fishing the time to do that, you will not only enjoy the activity because you’ll be out doing it, but you can train your mind in so many ways that will be beneficial throughout life.


Fishing is something to teach your child outside of school time to connect him or her with reality, nature, and him or herself. It can help the child become more familiar with physical and outdoor activities as well as develop his mind. It’s not necessarily just about the activity itself, but what you do to make the most of that activity that counts.

And who knows, maybe you’ll have a real high class angler on your hands who will be asking you for the newest Humminbird product for Christmas before he’s even 16!


What’s In Kids Lunch Boxes?

When I was growing up I had the benefit of a stay at home mom. She cooked, she cleaned, she did laundry, she made my bed…in short she spoiled me rotten.
My dad was the bread winner and my mom kicked serious butt at being a mom. This is rarely the case in today’s world. There are a lot of good reasons for this, we seem to spend more, women are now empowered to follow a career path, which is awesome! But with less and less moms staying home, our children’s lunch boxes and our dinner tables are suffering in a major way. And that’s not even to say anything about breakfast, who has time for that?

healthy green smoothie

healthy green smoothie

As a result the nutritional value of almost every meal has gone downhill. In my experience the worst offender is lunch. Lunches are difficult and requires some creativity. It’s hard to serve a hot meal in the classroom and so instead we fill our kid’s lunch boxes with dunkaroos, wagon wheels, cheese sticks, goldfish and other processed food which don’t provide the proper fuel. It’s no wonder North American students continue to fall further and further back of the pack. I know personally, it’s hard to operate in the afternoon when I’m running on donuts and coffee. I also have a lot more mental fortitude and can suck it up because there is a deadline to meet. If I was a thirteen year old listening to my teacher talk about vectors I would be half a sleep.

Packing A Better Lunch

So how can we send our kids to school with the proper foods so they have a chance to stay awake during third period? Start by including fresh fruit and vegetables in their lunches. I received a lot of resistance to this when I first started packing healthier lunches years ago. I solved this problem by negotiating, they could pick the fruit and they could pick the vegetable but one of each would be going into their lunch and I expected them to eat it.

Homemade soup is a favourite in our household. Making a large pot of soup and freezing leftovers is a great idea. A thermos is one of the few methods that allows for a hot meal. Sandwiches are always a good option, but of course they can get boring, so mix it up with different ingredients and avoid sending them with a cheese and ham sandwich every day.

It Starts In the Morning

They say breakfast is the most important meal and it took me a while before I really didn’t believed it. My mornings start with a Green Smoothie, and recently my kids have started to join me in this ritual. If you can’t get them to drink a green smoothie, opt for oatmeal or eggs. Something that will provide some fuel for the day ahead of them.

Getting A Head Start for Preschool

Success for children

More and more parents are seeking to get a head-start on the academic competition.  This can start with a drive to make sure your child or children get into a good college and when you follow backwards you see that you need to get your child into the best day care program so they can get into the best preschool, and so on.  In the end, you trace it all the way down to choosing some lessons to help your child when they are very young.  Yes, that means trying to get your kiddos to read when they are 3.  It seems a little aggressive when you talk about how old we were when we learned to read.  I mean, I turned out fine and I didn’t learn to read until I was taught in the public school.  (I think I turned out alright!)  Anyhow, here are some thing that you can do to get started early when you are trying to make sure your little one gets into the very best schools:

  1. Read to your child constantly.  Read everything you can in front of your kid.  Repetition is key and through this repeating and repeating and repeating is learning.  Did I mention to just keep up the repetition? :)
  2. Avoid putting your child in front of the television just to keep them quiet.  This counts in the car too – don’t just put the DVD player on to keep the kids quiet.
  3. Get your kids in music lessons early.  Try lots of different instruments too:
    1. Bagpipes
      Bass drum
      Conga drum
      Double bass
      Musical box
      Snare drum
      Steel drum
  4. Teach counting. Click here for more information relating to homeschool style curriculum for kindergarten aged children.
  5. Teach days of the week.  Here is a quick tutorial:
  6. Teach the months of the year.

What To Know About Kitchen Knives

Choosing Kitchen Knives

Someone who is just setting up house or buying good quality cooking knives for the first time, you only need to buy a few basic tools to along with. A quality chef’s knife vital for prep and chopping such as peppers, onions, and garlic. If you cook a lot you will discover that the work goes more rapidly and takes less effort with a quality chef’s knife.

The Blade

The blade edge can be plain or serrated or a associated with both. Knives are along with a partial tang (extending part way into the handle) built full tang (extending the complete of the handle, often visible on top and bottom). The blade consists of the point, the edge, the grind (the cross-section shape of the blade), the spine, the fuller (the groove added to lighten the blade also referred to as a blood groove), and also the ricasso (the thick portion for the blade joining the blade along with the handle). The guard is often a barrier between the blade and also the handle which protects the hand from an opponent, or the blade of the knife itself.

You can get a great chef’s knife for under $200 and a good one for around $100. Invest in one good blade that you can use depended instead of a series of cheap throw away knives that lose their edge quickly.  If you are looking for a full set of kitchen knives and you would like to skip the normal shopping process, then you should do some extra research on the brands on knives.  Some brands like Henckels and Wusthof have European origins while others are from Japan, like Global and Shun.  If you need some further suggestions on specific sets, click over to this web site.

The true reason for this knife became so popular was because they were needed by everyone, were straightforward to manufacture, and very cheap to purchase. This resulted in they were also very in order to replace and performed most tasks that were required. This tool was also being within World War II as a Diving Knife even though it didn’t stand up to Salt water very well. The military still uses the KA-BAR, aid do hunters, fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts. This USMC weapon has a long history that isn’t going to go away in the near future.

A kitchen knife set is something virtually every household has. Kitchen knife sets could be very basic, exquisite, or fully complete. There are different sizes of knife sets in a kitchen. A quality simple kitchen knife set that isn’t very big could be an outstanding addition to many homes or apartments. Forks and table knives are in almost every kitchen drawer. Steak knives are essential because of process they can do when any sharpness is needed to cut meat or other basic diet items. Other tools are essential besides table knives and forks as well. They may not need used as frequently, but a simple kitchen knife set is a great starter set for simple cooks or a good addition to a lot of kitchen tools.

The Importance of Gun Safes

Gun safes are important!

Gun owners must always be extremely enthusiastic on the subject of upping the safety numbers of all aspects involving security surrounding equally their homes as well as their firearms. The technology which is being built directly into gun-safety vaults as well as lock boxes is constantly going up, making it much better to secure your items while simultaneously supplying you with quicker and easier use of them and this is typically more safe. Biometric fingerprint gun safes are one of the latest features to to enter the market in this market. These systems understand a programmable list of prints by the owner, making your valuable and firearms only accessible to parties of ones own choosing. So you can authorize you spouse or other loved one as well.  Whether you want to to increase the feeling of spy-like security within your arsenal of technological know-how, protecting small children and all their friends and visitors in your own home, or merely modernizing your safe, Biometric fingerprint gun safes can be a move in the proper direction.

Fire Resistant Fingerprint Gun Safes

At the outdoor shooting range

Weapon safes or gun safes can easily protect tools from many outside provocations, including shoots and surges. Fire-resistant safes may protect their own contents in most but your worst dilemmas, and several safes feature small heaters built to reduce within moisture that can result in the accumulation of rust on the firearm. Some firearm owners shop their ammo in safes using their weapons to make sure that neither the tools nor your bullets that they use will get into the inappropriate hands. Their sturdiness make firearm safes a perfect place intended for storing other things as very well, including diamond jewelry and household heirlooms.

More Info On Biometric Gun Safes

Any biometric gun safe includes a computerized library that catalogs a listing of every access attempt. This has dual functions which can be especially beneficial for streamlining the fundamental safety of firearm possession. First, the item records every example of unauthorized tampering. On the other hand, it can make use of its algorithm software to amass a database of nuanced differences among each accepted fingerprint feedback. This allows the device to accommodate regarding minor alterations in a person’s unique design, which could get slight deviations from cuts and splinters. Therefore, false negatives could be completely reduced, which eliminates the worry of being rejected entry to one’s unique weaponry during a great urgent moment.  Electronic locks are advantageous like one respect, they’re quicker to available than standard mechanised combination locks. Because a keypad is used as opposed to a dial, that is helpful to marksmen who are visually impaired. For example, in a Metacafe demonstration video for your Dean Safe Corporation, founder John Dean extols the virtues of digital locks, showing actually faster and better to open. “I do not actually need my reading through glasses, ” he / she exuberantly remarks. He also points out that an electric lock user is endowed the ability to change the lock’s combination at their discretion and that despite the fact that manufacturers recommend replacing the battery on a safe every yr, some of most of these batteries last providing four, five as well as six years.